I was born in a place where people sing as a daily thing, where parents teach their children to play Cuatro, our national musical instrument. The original name is Variquecemeto, an indigenous word that means “ river of turbid water”. This term eventually became Barquisimeto, principal city of Lara state, in Venezuela.

In my family the musical tradition is normal, our family celebrations are full of songs and guitars. I used to go to Dr. Agustín Zubillaga Primary School when my uncle Tito Rodríguez, an excellent singer and guitar player, suggested my mom to enroll me in the School of Music of Lara State, now Conservatory of Music Vicente Emilio Sojo (CMVES). And this was the beginning of my musical adventure!

Wonderful teachers initiated and guided me in this first part of my musical learning, until I graduated, earning the title of Professor Performed Piano. Thanks to all of you, Luis Carlos, Rafael, Omar, Henny, Lisbeth, Yuyita, Mastrogiovanni, Ricardo, Ariel and Pelegatti!

Before my degree, I was invited to listen a rehearsel of the Youth Orchestra of Lara, as part of the musical project planted in Venezuela by this amazing visionary man, maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, which now it is known worldwide as El Sistema. I was shocked! One week later I had my first violin lesson with Joseph Kolbe and about seven years I was violinist of the orchestra, studying later with Alexis Atalido and Dary Retamoza.. At the same time I started as a accompanist of CMVES´s Children Choir, under the baton of a great musician and friend , Carmen Alvarado, while I continuing my studies in high school San Vicente de Paul.

That was a wonderful time of my life, with lot of fun, music, activities, rehearsels, concerts!
Then, another stage begins for me. I was accepted by the eminent pianist and teacher Harriet Serr in her class of Perfecting Piano, during four years. I was grew up, I got married and divorced later. Life gave me a big treasure with my three children, Irene, Miguel and Santiago.

I was part of the Lara´s Symphony Orchestra, as official pianist, and also worked as a piano teacher in the CMVES, in my hometown. And share the stage with amazing musicians and friends, making beautiful concerts all over my country and outside !

Great artists, as Rony Rogoff, J. F. Del Castillo and Raquel Adonaylo(+), have been part of my musical learning, sharing their experiences and knowledge with me! Also great pianists as Judith Jaimes, Paul Badura Skoda, Emanuel Ax, David Ascanio and Carlos Duarte, between others.

My work experience includes two years in the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes, México, as a piano teacher and piano repertoire. Then, when I moved to Caracas, I expanded my experience in IUDEM and the former Academia Latinoamericana de Violoncello, with director William Molina, a great Venezuelan cellist, who teached me to love the repertoire from violoncello and piano.

I am currently an official pianist of Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, with whom and under the direction of the dazzling Gustavo Dudamel, we have taken our message of peace and hope though music, in each stage of the world that has received us.

In 2013 my son Miguel and his wife Alejandría, blessed of God, made me a grandmother of a bright sun, named Miguel Ignazio, whose love and joy are a gift to us, and to whom I dedicate my first cd, Escenas Infantiles. In 2016, we received a wonderful blessing from God, with the birth of Mía Isabella, Miguel´s little sister, the princess of her home!

Every day I thank God for this beautiful gift that has been my whole life, next to my beloved family, without whose support I might not be telling this story.