Innocence, purity, love, joy, simplicity. These are own feelings of children. And this is what is reflected in every little piece of this musical treasure of the piano. Tenderness and nostalgia of Kinderscenen (Childhood Scenes) op.15, by Robert Schumann, comes to the depths of the heart. Claude Debussy plunges us into a world of colors and games in his beautiful Children´s Corner, which it was dedicated to his only daughter, Chou-Chou. The beauty of the simple melody attached to a rich and active harmony are the essence of the 17 piezas infantiles, by Antonio Estévez, a kindness work that remember us our ancestral roots and transport us to a magical world of games, children¨s stories and traditions of the Venezuela of early 20 th century.

All this smells like memory, child round, rocking horse, dolls, sun, snow, tales and legends. It has the sweet taste of holy tired children at the end of playing. Those feelings are very close to me, so I chose these musical gems for my first album, dedicated to my little grandson, Miguel Ignazio, who came to remind me how wonderful is the love of God, in a very pure expression, through the heart of children.


    Kinderscenen op 15, de Robert Schumann.

  • 1- Von fremden Ländern und Menschen (About Strange Lands and People)
  • 2- Kuriose Geschichte (Curious Story)
  • 3- Hasche-Mann (Blindman's Buff)
  • 4- Bittendes Kind (Pleading Child)
  • 5- Glückes genug (Perfectly Contented)
  • 6- Wichtige Begebenheit (Important Event)
  • 7- Träumerei (Reverie)
  • 8- Am Kamin (At the Fireside)
  • 9- Ritter vom Steckenpferd (The Knight of the Rocking-horse)
  • 10- Fast zu Ernst (Almost Too Serious)
  • 11- Fütchtenmachen (Frightening)
  • 12- Kind im Einschlummern (Child Falling Asleep)
  • 13- Der Dichter spricht (The Poet Speaks)

      Children's Córner, de Claude Debussy.

    • 14- Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
    • 15- Jumbo's Lullaby
    • 16- Serenade for the Doll
    • 17- The Snow Is Dancing
    • 18- The Little Shepherd
    • 19- Golliwogg's Cake Walk

    es 17 piezas infantiles para piano, de Antonio Estévez.

    • 20- Ancestro Indio
    • 21- Ancestro Blanco
    • 22- Ancestro Negro
    • 23- La Huerta de Doñana
    • 24- El Trompo
    • 25- Canción Con Tarde y Con Niños (Tilingo)
    • 26- Canción para Dormir una Muñeca
    • 27- La Candelita
    • 28- Florentino Cuando Era Becerrero
    • 29- El Cuento del Gallo Pelón
    • 30- El Cuento de la Abuelita
    • 31- Angelito Negro
    • 32- El Pajarito (Leyenda)
    • 33- La Zaranda
    • 34- Platero
    • 35- El Pilón
    • 36- Toccatina